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Clinical fees applied by centre to self-funded assessments and treatments vary according to the clinical services provided.

The minimum fee for a single 90 minutes assessment consultation is £220.00.

Should a clinical report be required, an additional fee will be charged, which will vary according to the nature, length and purpose of the report.


centre‘s fees for ongoing individual psychological treatments vary according to the weekly frequency and duration of treatments.

As a reference point, the minimum fee applied to self-funded once weekly sessions of the duration of 50 minutes is £90.00 per session.

centre reserves the right to adjust fees according to the type and frequency of treatments, as well as on the basis of other case-by-case circumstances.

centre always provides clear information about fees before services are provided.

Private healthcare insurance funding

centre‘s clinicians are approved by all major private healthcare insurers including BUPA, BUPA International, AxaPPP, CIGNA, Allianz and many others.

Private healthcare insurance holders should contact their insurers and request an Authorisation Number for their assessment consultation with the centre‘s insurance-approved clinician prior to their appointment.

Should further treatment be required, private healthcare insurance holders should request a further Authorisation Number from their insurers, as based on the clinical treatment recommendation provided by their centre‘s clinician.

It is normal practice for centre to invoice directly private healthcare insurers.